Meet Our Eye Care Team



Mariel is one of our team leaders and keeps the office organized. She makes sure all of our technicians/doctor assistants are trained to perfection. Mariel is married and has 2 children and a doggy. She loves the Montrose community and how everyone is very friendly and outgoing.


Chasity will make sure your optical experience is top notch! Patients find it very easy to connect with her on a personal level which will lead to the perfect frame for your individual style. She is engaged and adores her 2 cats Perseus and Prince. She loves the Montrose area, especially the hipster culture and good vibes.


Laura is one of our amazing technicians. She loves getting to know patients while she does her workup for the doctors. Laura is currently a full time student at the University of Houston and hopes to attend their optometry school after finishing her Bachelor's degree. She loves the amazing Montrose food scene and the views of the Houston skyline.


Skarlett is one of our lead technicians. She is also our optical lab manager and does all of our in-office lens edging for eyeglasses. She loves to travel and socialize with friends. Skarlett loves Montrose and enjoys the nightlife.


Imelda is our superstar technician. She enjoys getting to know every patient and may even crack a joke with you! Imelda loves all three of her dogs. During her free time she enjoys all the hustle and bustle of Montrose nightlife and going out to dance.


Taylor is our doctor in training! She currently attends the University of Houston, College of Optometry. When she's not busy acing her exams, she loves to hang out with friends.


Antonio is your “go to” optician when it comes to fashion. His frame styling and impeccable taste helps patients look amazing. He is very detail oriented and will address all your needs. He loves to play with his two dogs. Antonio loves the Montrose neighborhood and how diverse the community is!


Faith is our newest optician and one of our most talented frame stylists. She loves making patients feel amazing with the perfect pair of glasses to fit your face. Faith loves the downtown Houston skyline view from Montrose and trying all the new restaurants.


Nereida is our newest technician to the team! She loves being outdoors with her dog and jamming out to her favorite music. She loves the restaurant scene in Montrose and trying all the unique foods and specialty cocktails.

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