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For patients looking for personalized optometric services and quality vision care products, including unique, durable glasses, Montrose Eye Care is an excellent choice. Dr. Paul Lovero believes in using only the highest quality eye-wear and eye care products for his patients in Houston, Texas. The Montrose team proudly carry the Eco and Modo collections, from Modo Eyewear, a company committed to sustainability, social responsibility, and humanitarian efforts. Call or book online to take the steps towards your new glasses.

Glasses Q & A

What are anti-reflective lenses?

Anti-reflective lenses can give you the best vision possible. They efficiently eliminate glare from sunlight, or from city lights and other artificial lights. When light bounces off regular lenses, it can become difficult for you to see and result in impaired vision.

Anti-reflective lenses allow more light to get to your eyes by reducing the reflections. This optical coating is also scratch-resistant and will last longer. Many people also prefer the appearance of anti-reflective lenses.

They’re microscopically thin and nearly invisible, so your eyes are clearly visible through your new attractive eye-wear. These hydrophobic coatings have proven to last through rain, fog, and even snow.

While it’s important to keep your glasses clean and transparent, the anti-reflective lenses require less cleaning and maintenance because they’re so resistant to the elements.

How can I choose the right glasses?

Choosing the right glasses comes down to multiple factors:

  • Are they within your budget?
  • How well do they help you see?
  • How comfortable are they to wear?
  • How much do you like the way they look?
  • Are there other lens characteristics you might consider, such as anti-glare or polarized lenses?

If all factors are satisfied, it’s likely you’ve found the right fit. Ask yourself these questions when considering which glasses to buy.

Dr. Lovero and his staff at Montrose Eye Care are readily available to assist you in browsing, trying on, and purchasing your new glasses.

What are the Eco and Modo collections?

Dr. Lovero provides only the highest quality eye-wear and eye care products. He also goes a step further and proudly offers the Eco and Modo collections. The Modo eyewear brand focuses on sustainability, social responsibility, and humanitarian efforts.  

For every frame sold, one tree is planted, currently to the tune of over 1.4 million trees. Working with this brand is just one of the ways that the Montrose Eye Care team gives back to the community.

Montrose Eye Care carries boutique collections and independent lines to give patients a unique, creative selection to choose from.

Call or book your appointment with Dr. Lovero online and take your pick from the expansive collection of eye-wear.