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Prescription glasses can improve your vision and be a part of your fashion statement. Today there is a range of attractive, well-designed, creative glasses that can help you navigate through life with excellent vision and unique style. The Montrose Eye Care team happily assists countless patients to choose their perfect prescription glasses. Dr. Paul Lovero has years of experience and is happy to offer his team’s support. Call or book online to visit the Houston, Texas, office.

Prescription Glasses Q & A

How do I choose the right frames for my face?

Members of the Montrose Eye Care team are on hand to assist you in choosing the right size frames to fit your face. You should take your time to browse available selections and try on different frames. The staff will then take exact measurements of specific areas of your face to obtain ideal-fitting prescription glasses.

But, remember,  the staff can also adjust the frames for you, using special in-office tools, when you return to pick up your new glasses. If they don’t quite fit behind your ears or on your nose, or if they are too tight or too loose, the adjustment is an easy, quick, fix.

If you go home and find you aren’t delighted with the way they fit, return to the office and Dr. Lovero will fix your glasses.

What are the different types of lenses available?

Today, there are an inventive array of lenses available:

  • Transitions® and other Specialized Lenses: Transitions lenses adapt from clear, when you are indoors, to dark, when you’re outside since they respond to available light. They’re an excellent choice to protect your eyes from harmful blue light from digital devices and UV rays out. Like sunglasses, they protect you from the sun, turning darker when the environment transitions. Transitions lenses are also available for children and are extremely responsive, offering a superior advantage; they can even protect you from harmful rays through car windows.
  • Crizal®: Crizal no-glare lenses provide crystal-clear vision, even in a city glittering with lights. These lenses are also particularly resistant to scratches and smudges. They protect against blue light and UV rays, reduce glare, and are durable and easy to clean.
  • Other available lenses include progressive lenses, a newer technology that allows for sharper vision and smoother transitions for those who need corrections for both close reading and distance vision.
  • Polarized lenses are another type that provides superb protection, especially from the sun. EYEZEN® lenses also protect your eyes from harmful digital blue lights.

What are the benefits of prescription glasses?

How the frames look and feel can be equally important to some people. Prescription glasses can even be a fun fashion statement.

Technology today allows for more comfortable, fashionable, durable, effective glasses than ever before. Ask Dr. Lovero about EYEZEN® lenses that can protect your eyes from the harmful blue light from the many digital screens in the modern world.